Infographic: How to Retire Early

Early Retirement Howto - Retire Early

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It’s not easy to explain that you want to retire early.  It’s even more difficult to explain how.  I’m trying an experiment with infographics to see if I can cover a few of the common questions people have when they’re trying to decide whether retiring early is possible.

The truth is, I believe that everyone can retire early if they have the discipline and time on their side. There are so many success stories out there, and I’m just walking in their footsteps.

The hardest part is changing your habits.  Even before reaching retirement, the amount of satisfaction you derive from having paid off debt and begun to achieve some level of financial independence is like a huge weight lifted from your shoulders.

If you want to give early retirement a try, consider setting up a free Personal Capital account from one of the links on this site.  Depending on your asset level, I may receive a referral bonus which will help me to support the site.


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