What is This Page?

If you’d like to know more about how I feel about earning money from the site, I’d love it if you’d read the Integrity Policy.

In short, I won’t take part in any affiliate program that is capable of harming you financially.  Thus, I am not a member of any affiliate programs which rely on me to convince you to take on advisory services, purchase predatory financial products, or otherwise hinder or obstruct your success.  I use the products listed below myself. I will not accept payment from or endorse any product I am unwilling to use myself.

If you happen to be in the market for one of these services, now or in the future, and it occurs to you to use one of these links to help support this site, great.  If not, no worries.  I strongly believe that being completely transparent about where this site makes money is crucial to maintaining credibility with readers.

Our Friends

Personal Capital – I use Personal Capital to track my expenses and to project possible retirement scenarios.  It’s a very cool tool for those purposes.  For users who register for an account using my link and connect accounts with $100,000 in assets, I receive $100.  Personal Capital offers advisory services, but you are under no obligation to accept those services.  I do not use the advisory services.

iTalki – iTalki is a sharing-economy site that connect speakers of many languages and allows them to offer tutoring and conversation practice.  I currently use it to practice Spanish, since Spain and South America are high on our list of post-retirement slow travel destinations.  If you sign up through my link and take a lesson, I receive 100 credits (equivalent to $10).  I can only use those credits for my own lessons, and do not receive any cash.

Bluehost – I use Bluehost as my host for this site.  They do a really good job, and I have no complaints.  Installing WordPress was a one-click affair.  If you are interested in starting a web site, particularly a blog, I can recommend Bluehost highly.  If you sign up for a hosting plan through my link, I receive $65.  You get your hosting for $3.95 a month (if you opt for a longer commitment).

Amazon – I’m an Amazon Prime user (I cut cable a few years ago) and always comparison-shop Amazon.  If you click my link and purchase something from Amazon, I get a referral payment of 4% of your purchase.  This does not cost you anything.

Rover (Referrals for Petsitting as a Side Hustle) – Rover helps you find pet sitting for cats and dogs.  The pets stay in someone’s home rather than at a kennel.  It’s lower stress for our pets, and they get a lot of personal attention, so it’s lower stress for us, too.  Rover is also a good side hustle if you can host a cat or dog.  If you use one of my referral links for pet sitting (and actually use the service), I get credit to use for boarding my dogs in the future.  If you use the referral link to start a petsitting side hustle (and then host at least once), I get a $20 Amazon gift card.

VPI Pet Insurance – We have our pets insured for emergency care, to keep the costs of a catastrophic accident from getting too out of control.  We get our vaccines done at the local shelter’s vaccination clinics for $6 a piece.  This link includes a 5% discount on 2-3 pets, and 10% off 4 or more. If you request a quote, this site receives $2.40.  If you sign up for a policy, it receives $28.

PetPlus – We have a subscription to PetPlus for flea, tick and heartworm meds to save us the cost and markup of going back to the vet for them.  This link will give you $20 off your first order. If you make an order, the site receives 9.75% of that amount as a referral payment.

I write about our experience with these last three in this post.

That’s it?

That’s it!  Aside from the ads on this site, these are the only ways this site receives any financial support. If this changes in the future, I will update both this page and the Integrity Policy.