United Club Pass Giveaway Results!

Thanks to those who entered my little giveaway!  In the end, there were two entrants.

To make the drawing fair, I visited random.org, and used their random number generator tool to pick a number between 1 and 2.  Here was the result:

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 7.39.45 AM

This corresponds to the following comment:

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 7.51.31 AM

Wow, sounds like an idyllic retirement, Sara!  I’ll be in touch to mail you the lounge passes today!

I really appreciate the two readers who entered.  This blog is very new, and I’m working hard to try to build readership.  I had expected more of a response for a giveaway, but I’m grateful for any response at all!  I hope that I am able to offer more interesting giveaways that will excite people in the future!

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