June 2016 Financial Statement

According to my Integrity Policy, I want to let you know that this post contains Personal Capital referral links. Personal Capital is a free service. They are looking for high-net worth individuals as possible customers for their financial advisory services, but the expense tracking and retirement planning tools that I recommend are free of charge.

February 2016 Financial Statement

It’s all about the Benjamins. And Jacksons. And Lincolns. And Washingtons.

Though it’s a smaller monthly increase than some other months, I’m proud to say that things still moved in the right direction this month!

AccountLast MonthBalanceChange
Personal Checking$3,655.79$2,646.07-$1,009.72
Business Checking$3,693.84$1,079.63-$2,614.21
Real Estate Operating Account$1,380.01$2,771.46$1,391.45
Real Estate Cash Flow Account$2,255.06$256.34-$1,998.72
Credit Cards-$6,272.57-$2,094.11$4,178.46
Retirement - HSA$1,500.00$1,497.49-$2.51
Retirement - After Tax$45,274.92$45,592.16$317.24
Retirement - 401(k)$92,603.52$96,465.39$3,861.87
Retirement - Roth IRA$8,737.40$8,636.23-$101.17
Asset - Home$496,412.00$500,000.00$3,588.00
Asset - Rental 1$39,152.00$42,199.00$3,047.00
Asset - Rental 2$65,868.00$66,164.00$296.00
Asset - Rental 3$87,428.00$84,270.00-$3,158.00
Mortgage - Home-$381,871.83-$381,630.27$241.56
Mortgage - Rental 1-$44,439.88-$44,380.37$59.51
Mortgage - Rental 2-$48,111.52-$48,046.31$65.21
Mortgage - Rental 3-$57,978.45-$57,904.74$73.71
Student Loan 1-$22,243.65-$22,111.91$131.74
Student Loan 2-$13,827.25-$13,744.98$82.27
Student Loan 3-$4,586.86-$4,496.26$90.60
Net Worth$268,628.53$277,168.82$8,540.29

On our June 2016 financial statement, our net worth increased by 3.18%!

The market was volatile this month, but thanks to dividends being paid out and making a retirement account contribution just at the bottom of the Brexit panic, I still came out ahead on investments.

I had a tenant depart with no notice from one of my properties at the beginning of the month. It wasn’t totally unexpected since he was my last inherited tenant, and he knew that the rent was finally going up to market rates.  The good news is that the property was left in reasonable shape, and I was able to complete the necessary repairs in just ten days, a refreshing difference from the long rehab I completed last month! The property is still vacant, but it’s being shown and I’m confident that I’ll get someone in by August first or so.

We’re getting married in August, so July is the month when the remainder of our wedding costs are due. This will probably result in a negligible net worth increase this coming month, but that’s ok.

Basically, everything just continued nominally this month.  With such panicked news from the market, slow and steady progress is the best you can hope for sometimes!

Blog Income

As I mentioned in my Integrity Policy, I want to make sure I share any and all professional relationships and compensation I make as a part of this blog.

In June, I earned the following:

  • $17.84 in Google Ad Income

This month, the blog made $17.84! I had some nice traffic from someone sharing the Retire Abroad series on Reddit. I probably don’t say it enough, but I’m really grateful when you share links with friends and on forums. It helps the blog to grow and it reminds me that someone is out there reading! Thank you also to anyone who has been kind enough to use one of the affiliate or ad links.

If you’re looking to start your own blog or web site, please consider using my referral link for BlueHost. I’ll get a little cash to help pay hosting expenses, and you’ll get a great hosting provider (the same one I use) starting at about $3.95 per month.

Retirement Update

Our net worth is up $8,540.29 this month. The next couple of months will struggle to hit anywhere close to this amount as the remainder of our (frugal, but not “courthouse”) wedding bills come due. Our SWR didn’t really leap up this month, but with at least a flat market, we should cross the $1,500/month mark during the summer sometime.

With equity and bond accounts totaling $152,191.27 at the end of June, a 4% Safe Withdrawal Rate would allow us to take out $507.30 per month. Our rental properties, after all expenses, vacancies, and short and long term maintenance are considered, produce $986.00 of safe cash flow every month.

Safe Monthly Income: $1,493.30 (+$11.58 to Last Month)

% to Goal: 29.87% (+0.24% to Last Month)

Want to Know How to Track Your Expenses?

It’s really easy. Sign up for a Personal Capital account, which is completely free. It’s how I track my balances across time, and allows me to project all my retirement progress without doing any work at all. As a disclaimer, if you sign up with Personal Capital, this site may get a referral fee depending on the size of your portfolio.

6 thoughts on “June 2016 Financial Statement

  1. ZJ Thorne

    This is steady progress. Congrats on the wedding finally happening. I know the expenses will feel like a little drain, but they will be worth it. May your future be full of love and growth together.

    1. The Vagabond Post author

      Thank you, ZJ! We’re excited and as you say, the expenses are nothing to a life of love and happiness… which is what FIRE is all about anyway!

    1. The Vagabond Post author

      Thank you!! We’re very excited, and trying hard to keep the wedding costs from setting us back too far. I suppose it would be good blog fodder… but the truth is we probably haven’t been quite as frugal as we could have been.

  2. Mr. Enchumbao

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I’m sure you won’t have much time for writing with all the final preparations but you’ll soon have a sign of relief. 🙂

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