Achievement Unlocked: Fifty Posts, Sixty Days

Fifty Posts, Sixty Days.  That’s what I set out to do when I started this blog two months ago.  I knew there would be days where life would prevent me from getting a post out, so publishing fifty articles sounded difficult, but plausible.  It’s day sixty, and this is my fiftieth post!  This means I can finally sleep!

Fifty Posts, Sixty Days: Abridged Edition

Everyone loves the clip show, right?  That’s the episode where they recycle old content from previous episodes as filler… er… I mean, to make sure everyone is up to date.  Let’s take a look at what I think are the best posts I’ve written over the past two months.  Maybe you missed an article and can catch up!


How to Retire Early – The absolute cheaters guide to getting from debt to retirement ASAP.

Retirement Statistics – Some troubling and encouraging facts about retirement in the USA in 2015.

How to Cut the Cord – Say goodbye to the cable bill, but not to your favorite shows!


Learn a Foreign Language at Light Speed – Learn from native speakers, one on one, for far less than you’d spend on a class in your city.

One Perfect Day in Mexico City – 24 hours of fun and adventure in a surprisingly safe, fun, and frugal city.

The Best Ways to Exchange Currency – How to get the most out of your money while traveling abroad.

Never Miss Another Error Fare or Travel Sale – How we stay on top of crazy flight deals and travel for nearly nothing!


$1000 a Month Retirement in Cuenca, Ecuador – Stretch your dollar to the limit and retire comfortably in beautiful Ecuador!

Your Financial Advisor is Ripping You Off – Why pretty much nobody should be paying someone on the front or back end to manage their investments.

Too Late to Retire Early? No Problem – This site may be mostly about early retirement, but it doesn’t mean the same lessons can’t apply from those who are a little late to the party.

Individual 401k: Ultimate Early Retirement – Why every single self-employed person should have an Individual 401k.

Investment Policy Statement: A User’s Guide – How to write your own investment policy statement, the guiding document to your investing life.

Real Estate

Real Estate Gurus Are Sociopaths – Don’t pay someone to teach you real estate investment.  The information you need is already available for free on the internet, and I’m determined to help you find it.

Evaluate Rental Property Like a Pro – A step-by-step process to look at any real estate deal and determine whether it will be a cash flowing asset or a pit into which you will throw money.

You Must Budget For Property Management – I don’t care how close you live or how much you love swinging a hammer.  If you own rental property, management must be in your budget.

What Now?

I’m definitely not going to try to write fifty posts in the next sixty days, that’s for sure!  I’m going to take my time a little bit and will try to get about two really thoughtful posts out every week from now on.  I’ll work to improve my presence on Twitter and Facebook (I hope you’re following me on both!).  I want to find the time to work on more destination retirement articles, in particular.  Since they take a lot of research time, I haven’t been able to write as many as I would have liked, but that will change from now on!

Thanks for joining me on the journey so far.  It means so much to me when friends and strangers alike read what I’ve been writing.  I’m humbled and honored to have you here.

4 thoughts on “Achievement Unlocked: Fifty Posts, Sixty Days

    1. The Vagabond Post author

      Thank you so much! There are a few folks who have been very welcoming and kind so far, and you are surely among them! It really does mean a lot to me as I work to find my niche in this community. Thank you.

  1. A new fan

    Hey Vagabond,

    I just discovered your site. As a longtime blogger myself, I just want to say: you’re killin’ it. I just got into personal finance and the info here is right up my alley. Can’t believe you put all this together in a few months. Keep it up! You’ve earned at least one new reader.

    1. The Vagabond Post author

      Thanks, my friend! I sincerely appreciate the encouragement and kind words! I’m glad to have you as a reader, and hope that I can keep coming up with stuff that’s interesting and fun to read. Take care!

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